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Energy Dashboard Open Source Tablet Graphics file

Jan 24th

Energy Dashboard tablet code (vtp)

Dealers that want to change the GUI of the tablet interface can use this open source file to make their changes.

NOTE: Support for tablets using this open source code is voided.

File size 8911 K
Downloads 1
Date Thu 01/24/2013 @ 04:00
Author Development

Energy Dashboard DIN-AP2 SPZ
This is the Jan 2nd Official Release of the Energy Dashboard DIN-AP2 spz.

File size 32 K
Downloads 2
Date Thu 01/24/2013 @ 12:40
Author Development

L2 Remote Mgt Crestron Module 3.12 (beta-2)

This Crestron Module is added to your SimplWindows code to provide enhnaced remote control functions, data collection from sensors and custom Alerts. This is the beta-2 version and has all the planned features, but also has debug turned on, so will add additional info to Toolbox/Debug Window.

2-Series Processor Only


File size 67 K
Downloads 4
Date Thu 01/24/2013 @ 12:39
Author L2 Development Staff

Control System Configuration App for Remote Toolbox

This Link will run the insallation app to Install Linked2's exclusive configuration tools. Once this is run on a control system it will automatically reach out through the firewall to the Linked2 Service for continuous status updates and remote Toolbox access.

Click the Download Link to Install

File size 1 K
Downloads 13
Date Sat 09/01/2012 @ 08:04
Author Richard Blackwell

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