Getting Started with Dashboard on your PC

          Dashboard PC System Requirements: Preferred - Win7/8 or Server 2008/2012 (including Virtual Machines), 8Gb RAM, Internet Connection (Note: Dashboard is running as an Application and requires login).

          Crestron Processor Firmware: 1.08.04 and 4.003.007 or newer contain the firmware client (generally anything after June 2012).

IMPORTANT - the Standard and Pro Dashboards are PC based applications (install info below). You only use this website for creating your account to enable access to the PC Dashboard.

  1. Click on the provide web installation link. The download process will begin when you click the "Install" button on the opened webpage. Accept download requests.
  2. When the download and installation are completed a start menu folder will be added and a desktop link to restart.
  3. NOTE: Each time the application is restarted it will check the web for authentication of your account and new versions of support files.
  4. The Dashboard will start in the default mode with a simple config wizard - Choose "Equipment Dashboard", you will not see this screen again..
  5. The Connections List will be the first window to open on initial startup of the Dashboard. More Info on Connecting here.               
  6. After you have started adding connections to your Dashboard it may look something like this;